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How to braid spikelet to yourself

Since ancient times, the braid was considered a real decoration of any girl. The Slavs Walking without a braid was ashamed and wrong, but, unfortunately, the Slavic braids did not differ in anything remarkable, unlike the French braids. French beauties introduced fashion for braids at the beginning of the 20th century, when cinema and theatrical art were actively developing in the world. French women weaved a braid from the back of his head and “led” it to the side. Soon, the fashion for braids again passed and did not appear in the “Fashion Arsenal” for almost 50 years.

As they say, the new is well forgotten old. Weaving braids has now become incredibly fashionable and stylish. They can be diverse: small or large, tight or free, neat or disheveled. Most importantly, learn how to weave braids for yourself. If you have never woven braids on yourself, it is better to start doing it with a traditional “spike”.

“Kolosok” is such a braid that weaves from three strands from the head of the head. In order to braid spikelet, you need: rubber band for hair, a little free time, a large mirror, a comb and, most importantly, patience!

Where should you start: properly comb your hair in different directions, so that the hairstyle turned out without “roosters”. Next, take three identical strands and start weaving an ordinary braid from your head crown. After you got the first “knot” of strands, take a small lock on the side and put it on the strand that you will weave into the braid. Make another “knot” of strands, then take the side strand again, only on the other side and weave again into the braid. Continue weaving until all the side strands are woven into a pigtail.

After that, you can finish weaving with an ordinary pigtail and fix the elastic band at the very ends of the hair, you can also not put the braid, but collect your hair in the tail or make a bump. In a word, end the braid weaving the way you want it yourself.

If you first weave a braid, then, at first, you may not succeed. The main thing is not give up. Several training and you will learn how to weave quickly, and most importantly beautifully. To make your braid even more fashionable and modern, you can slightly pull out the locks of a braid, adding a little negligence. Not one, but two spikelets that you can weave in a single braid look very beautiful. The capture technique of “spikelet” can be used as your imagination tells you: you can braid it on your side or even inside out! Most importantly, training and fantasy!