How to choose women’s winter shoes

The warmth of the legs means taking care of your health. Especially in the cold season, it is very important. To keep your legs in warmth, you need to be able to choose the right and high -quality shoes.

To date, it is not difficult to purchase winter women’s shoes in bulk and will not be difficult in retail, the main thing is to be able to choose it correctly. In order to learn how to choose the right winter shoes, you need to understand certain rules.

Women are used to wearing beautiful boots that emphasize the beauty of the legs and the style of their owner. But beautiful winter women’s shoes require good money. Unfortunately, it is difficult to say today that it is expensive. In order not to make a mistake, first of all, look at the material: best genuine leather or high -quality suede (if there is no slush).

Fur is no less important detail, when choosing winter shoes. Natural fur perfectly retains heat, does not allow the legs to sweat, does not create a feeling of discomfort, does not change and does not curl up pieces. Spend with your hand, press your finger, the fur should always maintain its shape and not be too dense or thick. With proper care, the fur finish is the most durable filler. Sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers will compose natural and artificial fur, and the second is always laid in an invisible zone for the eye (for example, inside the shoes itself). Pay attention to all iron parts, they should be made only of stainless materials, and zipper should always be dense and well -sewn.

Do not forget about convenience. Do not take shoes a size larger, as some consultants advise, then you need to do if you plan to walk in dense, thick socks in the most severe frosts. In other cases, good fur is enough and your legs will never freeze.

The sole should be sketched and resistant to ice. Choose shoes with thick sole and comfortable block. The heel should be stable and, preferably not too high.

The main thing in winter shoes is that it should warm and be durable, and only then decorate your legs.