How to congratulate yourself, beloved, Happy New Year?

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and with it the pre -holiday vanity, shopping running around in search of gifts for relatives and loved ones, drawing up the New Year’s feast menu, selection of products and original ingredients for pies, salads and desserts. Women are so passionate about how to make a New Year’s holiday for their loved ones unforgettable that they recall themselves, beloved, lastly. After all, I want something unusual, and beautiful, and practical. And it is desirable that this “something” does not cost a fortune.

The decision to buy a new Salon Express manicure set will be, perhaps, less emotional than the idea to decorate themselves with the next silk scarf, of those that on the eve of the New Year are advertised by brisk sellers at numerous fairs and Christmas bazaars, but more practical. That is, of course, you can buy a scarf, if it does not fit, then it can always be presented to your mother or girlfriend: there are not a lot of scarves, as you know. But still, the mind prevails-this is, in conditions where the prices of beauty salons are growing like yeast, the most correct solution.

A set for hardware manicure at home helps to save not only money, but also time. You yourself can determine when it is time to adjust the shape of the nail or remove the ripe cuticle. You can definitely be sure that no one except you uses this device, which means that there are no hygienic problems. Various nozzles are attached to the apparatus, with which you can perform not only manicure, but also pedicure. The device is suitable for both right -handed people and left -handed people, since it allows you to regulate both the speed of rotation and the direction of movement of nozzles: by or counterclockwise.

Manicure set – excellent investment in your beauty and well -groomed appearance. It remains only to choose a daring -colored varnish – and your pens are ready to wave the outgoing year under the joyful ringing of glasses!