How to cure sinusitis in a child

Sinusitis is usually treated outside the hospital, that is, self -medication is carried out at home. Special medicinal medicines are prescribed by a doctor for washing the nose, as a rule, without punctures. And in severe forms of the disease, laser therapy is used. Thus, all the negative consequences of sinusitis are eliminated and the effect of drug therapy is enhanced. Typically, hens of treatment takes from several weeks to two months, recovery depends on the severity of the disease. Your main task in this treatment to create the best outflow of pathological secret from the sinus of the nose.

Medical treatment

Treatment of acute sinusitis:

It is necessary to take antipyretic and hypersisibiralizing agents. And sulfanilamide drugs, vitamins, antibiotics, vasoconstrictive drugs, such as naphthyzine in the form of drops or various ointments, or sprayers, are also necessary. It is desirable to use inhalation, aerosols, along with paraffin applications.

Treatment of allergic sinusitis:

Prescribe calcium chloride, antihistamines, etc., If you have non -specific hypensorsisisi. Vaccines, small doses of allergens and autovaccines are used if you have specific hypensorsisisi.

Folk remedies

Folk medicine for the treatment of sinusitis

Take the juice of the root crop of cyclamen with a volume of 1-on a teaspoon. It can be easily bought in flower shops. Onions, honey, Kalanchoe juice, aloy juice and Vishnevsky ointment also 1 teaspoon.

The preparation method is simple. Mix all the components, take cotton sticks, moisten them with this composition and place one stick in each of the nostrils for 30 minutes. The duration of such treatment is 20 days, while the maxillary sinuses will be cleansed. Mix all the components, take two cotton sticks and moisten in the resulting composition, then place them, one at a time, in each of the nostrils for 30 minutes. The term of such treatment is 20 days, the sinus sinushas during this time should be cleaned.

You can also take iodine, or potassium permanganate (manganese potassium) and water. In a glass with warm boiled water, add a few drops of iodine and rinse the sinuses with this solution. A solution of iodine can also be replaced with potassium permanganate, but do not allow the crystals of manganese in the nose.

In addition to such recipes, you can use golden -haired flowers, caraway flowers, tansy flowers. Gently take the flowers of herbs in the same quantities. Brew 1 tbsp 1. l. mixtures and touch 40 minutes. set up with a compress with flowers on an inflamed nose.