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How to determine pregnancy by abdomen

Expectant mothers in the abdomen-a sign of miscarriage or something bad. Therefore, with caution during pregnancy, you need to treat your body, in every way try not to harm your baby. At the first signs of danger, immediately contact specialists. Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be regarded by the future mother as a threat to the fetus. Although not always during pregnancy, abdominal pain can lead to miscarriage. In some cases, you should not worry. We will figure out why pregnant women can hurt a lot of stomach.

What can be indicated by abdominal pain

Abdominal pain can most often appear with malnutrition. Aching pain in the lower abdomen is the result of digestive spasms. It can appear as a result of stretching of those ligaments of the muscles that support the uterus. Such a stretching of particular danger does not represent expectant mothers. The consequence of the increase in the uterus can be pain at the belt.

Abdominal pain even in an absolutely healthy future mother, and they can be felt from different sides of the abdomen. This can be due to the location of the fetus in the uterus. Abdominal pain can also be felt during the fetal move.

Abdominal pain is with an ectopic pregnancy. It turns out that a fertilized egg develops in a fallopian tube, and not in the uterine cavity. Then an increasing egg leads to a rupture of tissues of the fallopian tube, which causes bleeding and sharp pain in the abdomen. This usually happens at 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. In such cases, surgical intervention is used. An ectopic pregnancy is determined by ultrasound.

Walking prolonged abdominal pain may be with a threat of termination of pregnancy. Such pain gives the lower back. Clothing discharge appears from the genitals. Such pregnant women urgently need to be delivered to the hospital for examination and clarifying the cause of the pregnancy. Then qualified treatment is prescribed.

There may be abdominal pain due to digestive organs. During pregnancy, the uterine increasing in size can exert pressure on the digestive organs, which leads to unpleasant sensations. During pregnancy, a woman should eat healthy and healthy food. Proper nutrition will avoid dysbiosis and irritation of the walls of the stomach.

What to do if the stomach hurts during pregnancy

For future pregnant mothers, if any abdominal pain occurs, they need to go to the gynecologist to determine and clarify the causes of pain. This will enable expectant mothers to avoid all possible complications and give birth to healthy babies.