How to determine pregnancy by hCG

With the onset of pregnancy, the female body begins to produce a hormone called chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone appears as soon as the fertilized egg enters the uterine cavity, thanks to hCG, the yellow body is not resolved, but begins to produce progesterone – this is a hormone to maintain pregnancy. HCG makes it possible to establish the presence of pregnancy and pathologies, if any.

Applying the test on hCG

All tests for detecting pregnancy are based on this hormone, the most accurate is a blood test, already on the seventh day after pregnancy, it will show the result. Home express tests using urine will display this result a week later, this is due to the fact that the concentration of hCG in the urine is much less.

Throughout the period, the hormone level in the body changes, until the 12th week it grows rapidly, increasing every two days by about two times, then, on the contrary, it gradually begins to decline, and after the 20th week its value becomes stable. In the case of multiple pregnancy, HCG indicators will be directly proportional to the number of fruits.

Causes of increased hCG

Being under supervision of a doctor, a woman is recommended to donate blood for a hCG analysis, his indicators give the doctor the opportunity to draw conclusions about how pregnancy flows. At the same time, close attention is paid to patients, both increased and underestimated from the norm with indicators. If the hCG is higher than the norm, this can be caused:

– in the pathology of the fetus;

– with strong toxicosis;

– in case of disease with diabetes, pregnant;

– when taking gestagenic drugs;

– With genital tumors.

Indicators below the norm may indicate:

– on the delay in the development of the fetus;

– about the threat of miscarriage;

– about placental failure;

– about an ectopic pregnancy ({{4843}});

– and even the death of the fetus in the womb.

You should not draw any conclusions on your own, because when the indicators are deviated from the norm, the specialist will prescribe an additional examination, only after the results that can be made of the final conclusions and make a diagnosis.