how to divide property during a divorce

In marriage, I purchased one -room apartment for my personal money. Now I am divorced, and my husband claims that the apartment is our joint property. The contract of sale is drawn up in my name. What are my chances and opportunities that this apartment will remain my property?

According to p. 3 hours. 1 tbsp. 57 of the Family Code of Ukraine, the personal private property of the wife or husband is the property acquired by her or to them during the marriage, but for the funds that belonged to her or to him personally. Therefore, in the case of a trial, you will need to prove how you have the necessary amount before marriage, and what exactly you bought a disputed apartment for them. If the money was in the bank, then these should be the relevant agreements, and if you have returned the debt, cash receipts. As an option, your spouse may require money compensation from you if repairs and other works have been carried out in the apartment, which significantly increased its value, or ask to recognize the ownership of him for some part of the apartment.