How to dress in winter, so that it is warm?

Winter in each country is marked by various temperatures, and recently the climate has changed a lot, so that almost all states have known heavy snowfalls and frosts. So stocking up with warm winter clothes will not hurt anyone – you never know what surprises the weather will prepare.

For some, a good option would be a thermal underwear, and someone more likes to get a fur coat, down jacket or felt boots. The choice depends on many conditions, in particular, on the place of work, the time of stay on the street in the winter season, health status.

In addition, when choosing clothes for adults and for children, you need to take into account their differences. Children, for example, are more active, and they are unlikely to stand calmly in the wind and frost, so you should not insulate them without any special need.

But adults, especially the older generation, who are very sensitive to temperature differences, you need to take care of yourself well, dressing on the street as warmer as possible. But there are also nuances here, because in the same overflowing subway car there is a risk of sweating in too warm clothes, and having gone out into the street to cool and thereby, it is easy to catch a cold and get sick. This can be avoided if you remove a hat, scarf, jacket in a warm room. The metro is famous for drafts, so you can not undress especially (a jacket).

Light jackets are appropriate only for going to the nearest store or for skiing on ski slopes – there are special sports models. True, there are lungs on sale, but rather warm jackets that are good to wear in winter, even in fierce frost, but they are very susceptible to water – if there is wet rain or snow, then the protective coating will not last long (this also applies).

Well, the favorite in shoes was always leather boots with natural fur, holding well, although membrane ducals are also good in this cold season.