How to equip a summer cottage?

The modern pace of life forces more and more people to think about the acquisition of a summer cottage. After all, I really want to retire from time to time somewhere on the shore of the lake or rivers, go through the quiet and such aromatic forest. Moreover, if you have a summer residence, you can grow natural fruits and vegetables and treat your family and numerous friends with them. Well, and, of course, the children will just be delighted with the opportunity to frolic in the fresh air.

As soon as the acquisition of the cottage takes place, there will be an urgent question about the arrangement of the site. So without which life in the country cannot become comfortable? First of all, you should buy wooden gazebos, for example, on . , in which it will be possible to spend warm summer evenings with the family. And even if it rains or a strong wind rises, the modern design of the gazebo will protect from all these whims of nature. You should also take care of creating a high -quality watering and lighting system. Change the old or install a new sewer system. Build a playground and separate the site for the garden and the garden. There is no way!

As lighting devices for a summer cottage, you can choose beautiful lights, or small bulbs that are installed along the paths lined with tiles or other facing materials. Of course, without flower beds and other vegetation, the cottage will look boring and uncomfortable. That is why the creation of flora in the country territory is a prerequisite.

If the financial capabilities and sizes of the site allow, then you can pamper yourself with such objects as a pool, a small fountain, brazier. All this is optional, but it is so pleasant on the sultry summer days to plunge into cool water or invite your friends to a home barbecue for a weekend. However, it should be remembered that it is not worth overloading the territory too much, because this is a summer cottage, not a duffel warehouse.