How to establish a relationship with a man

How to establish relations with a man, if a hint of a crack is noticeable in a relationship or she herself?

It is best to establish relationships, oddly enough, with the help of … reception of manipulation. The main thing is not to be afraid of this word. This is your effective tool. True, in order for the effectiveness it is important to feel which manipulation on which man will work on which man. And here you need to understand what a man is in front of you.

Types of men

For example, if you have a strict and correct person of the system – polite, compliant, but slightly boring, then act on it with the help of rich emotions “seasoned” elements of philosophy. They act on the “system workers” as it is profitable for you. At the same time, by establishing a dialogue with such a person, try to “be invent” both yourself for a while, and if not in the soul, but at least in the manifestation of external accuracy and punctuality.

But if in front of you, the dreamer, on the contrary, should get rid of all those tips that you just read. The sauce for such a man will be a mixture of cunning, will and logic. They are not characteristic of himself (so he will not be out of you), but these “magic sticks” can establish relations with him amazingly.

It is much more difficult to establish relationships with a distracted wise guy. After all, this “frame” really, to put it mildly, seems inadequate and a little wonderful, but often very adored. Socks can be scattered in his room (if they find them on the chandelier, a scattered wise guy does not even notice them), but he will enthusiastically “meditate” over the “resuscitation” of the processor (and under the highly intellectual music of Bach or Shostakovich) or understand the secrets of the Mayan Indians by scraps old newspapers ..

To find the key to the heart of such a man, you cannot do three things: read morality, show your superiority, interrupt his flight of thoughts. But, if you know how to listen (or at least artistically pretend what you are doing), you can find the right approach to such a “hopelessly false” person. But for this, of course, you will have to stock up on your own inner wisdom (do not confuse it with smart), self -control, inner charm (after all, it’s easier to “rub” into trust) and patience).