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How to establish relations with the boss

At work, sooner or later, a situation will happen in which a person will begin to get angry or become irritated. But you should not immediately go to the leader. It is worth first to figure out what caused irritation and anger. And think about ways to eliminate this. As soon as there are ways to solve, then we must already go to the leader and offer them to him.

Typical psychological technique

But it happens when the leader is already annoyed and there is something else to say in his defense. But it is better to count up to 10 in the mind, and only then say something. During this time, you can calm down and not say too much. After all, if the conversation with the leadership takes place on increased, then the result in such a conversation will not be. And when once again the head of the Last of one or another employee is a meaningless task, you should not immediately rush at him with claims. It is better to think about why he is a boss and why the company still exists and makes a profit? After all, if it were a unprofitable company, then it had long ceased its activities.

At the same time, the boss, who distributes incomprehensible tasks, tries to keep the company afloat, and besides, makes it profit and helps employees earn it. Probably every employee would begin to think like this: “But I would …”. But if you think about it, if you have extensive experience and professionalism in a particular field, you could cope with this production?


There are even recommendations that must be observed, namely: you need to speak loudly and clearly, have a fearless look, you should not breathe quickly (slowly inhale and exhale air). If the boss began to say what, then let him speak out, and then come up with his proposals. If the leader was very angry, then it is better to contact him by name and patronymic. This method can reassure it much faster.

But the boss, too, should not only scream at employees, but also try to figure out why this or that employee is angry with something. Since the employee seems to violate his own rights.