How to establish relations with the former

Couples meet, register their relationships, give birth and grow joint children, but then a turning point comes when one of the spouses leaves the family. This is one of the most difficult moments in a person’s life, because for many days he boils thoughts in his head what has happened, how could one change the situation, turning into a visualization of their meeting, where they are explained to each other in love, and the family reunits. The endless questions of children are added to this where dad has gone and when he returns, and his own guilt that you could not preserve the harmony of your family. However, in order for the entire process of divorce and self -criticism to go quickly and with the best result, you should decide on your desires. And if it tells you that you need to return everything back, then you should think about how to establish a relationship with your ex -husband.

The difficulty of parting

Many couples after a quarrel are ready to blame the partner for the reasons for their separation. But you can hardly find a perfectly suitable person, so you should learn a “grinding” with the one with whom you have connected your life. And one of the main rules of this process is that the spouses express each other their discontent and opinion in a particular issue. Moreover, the conversation should take place on the fact of the event, without any mention of old offenses or incorrectly educated spouse by his mother. The problem arose-sit down and calmly solve the issue, expressing each of your own opinion and coming to the common denominator-commission. Try to speak as clear as possible so that the spouse can correctly understand what you are telling him.

What to do if you want to stay in good relationships

If you have already broken up, but really want to establish relations with your ex -husband, then you should meet him on a neutral territory and just discuss your relationship with him. Remember that you want to make peace with him, and not once again find out who is to blame for what. For your own self -improvement, ask his opinion, what you were wrong. And accept everything he said. Be sincere with each other and do everything for the good of your family.

Every person has something good and bad. In marriage, you should pay more attention to the positive aspects of your spouse, which you can tell him during reconciliation. Let the fact that the puzzles between you did not come together will not become a motive to forget about what was good in your relationship. All couples quarrel, the main thing is to be able to save what you have.