How to learn, not to quarrel for trifles?

“All happy families are happy the same, every unlucky family is unhappy in its own way” – almost everyone knows true lines of the classic by heart. But does it save from the quarrels?

Today, many family quarrels can arise for such seemingly ridiculous reasons as the fact that the spouses could not share any things of constant everyday life. For example, it can be a towel, spoon, fork and much more. The solution to such a problem may be the acquisition of towels wholesale from Ivanovo and other household items. This method is able to level the problem of choosing one or another subject of everyday life.

Even the understanding that some quarrels can be avoided does not help at all to do this. It would seem, in prosperous families where love and mutual understanding reigns, quarrels should not be at all. But statistics speak the opposite. Often people who are accustomed to each other, over time, begin to notice the shortcomings of their chosen ones. This, of course, pours into conflict. Sometimes completely harmless things begin to annoy: how a person eats or how he folds things on a shelf – but the number of quarrels from this does not change.

What to do to forget about quarrels forever? Of course, it would be possible to give many tips and ideas, try to establish the current conflict situation with all means, but it will not be possible to get rid of the quarrels at all. You just need to approach from the other side to understand this issue. After all, quarrels can be a manifestation of human care. Then they are no longer so scary.

In addition to the manifestation of care, it is necessary to talk as often as possible with a partner, discuss all controversial moments, agree and try to come to a compromise that would arrange both sides. Only such a path can solve the problem with quarrels and conflicts in any family.