How to learn to tell the child “no”?

Loving parents to refuse their own child often can not be affordable. The question “How to say to the child” no “?”It becomes relevant from the first years of your baby’s life. Nevertheless, most mothers and dads indulge in almost all whims of their child, while his requests are inexorably growing and devastated by his parents’ wallets. It would seem that it is difficult to tell the child a solid and unconditional “no”. But any parent will confirm – looking at these innocent pleading children’s eyes, it is simply impossible to refuse.

First of all, in order to understand how to say to the child, you need to be able to refuse the baby from his earliest years, even if the child does not yet know how to speak and does not understand speech. He will easily understand you by the tone of your voice.

In order for the child not to think that he was refused just, for no reason, it should be explained to the baby why he will not receive the desired in this situation. In the event of a ban without explanation, the child will decide that you are unfair to him. In such a situation, whims cannot be avoided, and the child eventually achieves his.

Never accompany the ban on the words “I do not want” and “no time”. The kid will decide that he is a burden for parents, and, not wanting to unnecessarily strain mom and dad, most likely turn to peers for help. As a result, a misunderstanding will begin between their parents’ parents, a conflict will form, which will greatly affect the child in adolescence.

Prohibiting something to your child, you must remember that your emotional state plays an important role. A parent who forbids the baby to watch TV too closely, rudely talk with his grandmother or refuses to buy toys, explaining the refusal of the poor behavior of the child, should remain calm and show great patience. Screaming and rudeness, you will not achieve anything but resentment and response tantrum.

Once again, indulging the whims of the child, think about his future. Your task is to educate such a person who, from childhood, will be aware that not everything in this world can be obtained with the help of one “I want”.