The science

How to make a guy think about you

Indeed, women ask this question since Adam and Eve. They begin to think about this from early youth, and do not stop thinking about it in marriage. Moreover, at all times there are many experts ready to give or sell the desired answer to the question: “How to make a guy think about you?”.

All tips on this issue can be conditionally divided into three groups:

1. Sexual-erotic;

2. Psychological and manipulative;

3. Love-mystical.

It is not harmful to the first group of tips. However, when you recall the skillful prostitutes who have finished their age alone, you understand a certain weakness of the erotic method. High -quality sexual joys can make the guy think about you a little in the wrong way that the girl dreams of. Such services may well be provided by a professional with whom no one will connect life anyway.

The second group of tips is given by psychoanalysts with scientists and pickups who paid their blood money for science. We will not hide that some templates may influence the enthusiasm. For example: gross flattery, divorce into “weak”, opening hands and kisses, ramps for dates, etc. Girls with a mathematical warehouse of mind successfully follow such a flirt, slightly increasing the percentage of the marriage of “blue stockings”. Smart girls are quite capable of calculating every step and movement, and not to cross the line between attention and obsession.

Advisers of the third group undoubtedly worry about their next star hour. It is clear that fortunetellers, shamans, magicians and psychics worked for the benefit of society at all times. But for the past twenty years they have clearly experienced a spiritual and material upsurge. For a quick acquaintance below, a list of love spells that solve the problem: “How to make a guy think about you”. For the consequences of the implementation of mystical rites (life and health of the participants in the process), no one takes responsibility. Some professionals (most of the gypsies) try to merge in the representation of clients with the Orthodox Church, photographing with icons, crosses and clergymen.

1. Love spell talisman of Vorozhaba;

2. Love spell on natural phenomena (sun, rain, lightning, rainbow, etc. P.);

3. Love spell on herbal potions;

4. Love spell on the electoral erection;

5. Love spell on a towel;

6. Love spell from the hair on the comb;

7. Love spell on holy water;

8. Love spell on the photograph;

9. Love spell for menstruation;

10. Voodoo love spell (zombie).

I don’t know who the life gives pleasure to the person to whom you are artificially attached, but every third girl wants to use the guy’s love spell from the photo, stand at the intersection and call a guy by name once in the wind and once against the wind, put a glass of water in a drawn circle and pour salt with the text of the conspiracy.

But many times it is easier to find a person who needs you who will love you as you are. Indeed, more often the motive of love spells is not love, but the desire of a rich party, a sense of revenge after treason, or social immaturity of a person.