How to make salads beautifully?

A beautifully decorated festive table creates the necessary mood of the holiday. Elegant tablecloth, chic dishes and delightful cutlery – this is not all that you can decorate the table.

The original decoration of salads is very fashionable now. You can try complex equipment using special devices (molds, nozzles or other devices), or you can limit yourself to a simple design that will give the salad a festive look and appetizing attractiveness

Jewelry from ordinary products is very diverse – flowers, leaves, butterflies, animals and even whole landscapes. You can not just decorate the salad from above, many “sculpt” various figures from it and only then decorate it – Christmas trees, baskets, cones, hedgehogs, hearts, stars and much more. You can find more information about the design of salads on the excellent culinary portal Trinus. .

The most common products for decorating salads allow you to show unlimited imagination:

Eggs. From them you can cut out different animals-penguins, mice, chickens or some flowers (for example, chamomile). In grated form, eggs are even more useful for design – they can be tinted (for example, beets) and use for any background. In combination with grated carrots and herbs, you get a beautiful landscape. By the way, the sun in this case will be yolk.

Olives are also a fairly common product for this activity, as they have a rare color. Of them make scales, strips of tigers or seeds for sunflowers. You can make beautiful bees from olives of different colors. If you just go over olives through the thread – you get a cute caterpillar.

Cucumbers. Beautiful leaves come out of them, and if you cut them with thin plates, you can make a bow, a chic flower or a sailboat.

Bulgarian pepper, corn and carrots have bright colors and therefore are used for different purposes. By the way, it may turn out a delightful salad ranga.

Boiled sausage or cheese – you can weave a basket from strips, and amazing roses from the records.

Green onions, salad leaves, dill and parsley – all kinds of leaves, tails for a Christmas tree and other greens.

Tomatoes. Little fly agaric can also decorate the salad. But if the tomatoes are stuffed with a cooked salad, then tulips are unusual beauty.

You can decorate dishes with any other products, most importantly, come up with their correct combination. At least use beets, peas, caviar and even mayonnaise for this purpose. The best assistant here is your own fantasy.