How to organize a wedding economically

In a situation of crisis, we all worry about the future, and there is even a tendency to postpone significant, but obviously cost projects in life for an indefinite period. But if this is not a crisis in a relationship, nothing should restrain you from taking the next step – creating a family.

And if you still decided to say “yes” to your man, with whom you were able to maintain love and save relationships, get ready to organize a budget wedding, but not having lost his magic charm and reflecting the importance of this cherished day. Arrange a wedding corresponding to your style! And your wedding will be unique and unique and unlike any other.

Traditions, place and time

Fortunately, times are changing, and weddings are no longer celebrated in accordance with the harsh beliefs of the public. This will allow you to organize your wedding according to preferences and planned expenses. Without abandoning dreams and wishes, today you can arrange an perfect wedding without investing in it.

The first thing to decide is whether you will sign or get married in the church. Keep in mind that if you sign in the registry office, save on the scenery if you want an exit ceremony, you can decorate it with your own hands using flowers and balls.

On this very special day, you are allowed not to adhere to traditions and celebrate your wedding where you want. If you are not married in the wedding season, you can find a good restaurant at a reasonable price, however, if you have a country house, you can arrange a wedding there, prepare light beautiful snacks, this will give your wedding a certain chic. And for much less money than in a traditional restaurant.

Pir for the whole world or

Another way to save a considerable amount is to reduce the number of guests. Call only those with whom you really sincerely would like to share this special day. Because this is your day and only yours, you are not obliged to call friends and colleagues of parents. List of invited – a key element in your budget wedding. In accordance with the profession or origin, you can ask that one of them as a wedding gift be your photographer. This will reduce your expenses and guest expenses. In the same way, you can make a hairstyle, makeup, get musical accompaniment or leading to a wedding.

Outfits, accessories

From an economic point of view, the problem may arise with the choice of dress. Most brides want to get married in the dress of their dreams, so if you are not ready to abandon your fairy tale about the magic fairy, you can rent a dress. Wedding dresses, by the way, is becoming more and more popular. And you can also wear a wedding dress of a mother or grandmother, slightly changing it in accordance with your style. Surely, it will cost cheaper than a new dress.

Attention to details and important things

Remember that the main characters of this day are you, the bride and groom. Therefore, make every effort to personalize your wedding, even in the smallest details there should be a piece of you. Think about everything to the smallest detail: invitation handmade, small gifts to guests in memory of your celebration, jewelry of fresh flowers … And if you show creativity and do everything with your own hands, then you can save good money. An important point on which it is hardly worth saving this photographs is a wedding photographer. Memory is priceless. If you choose a good wedding photographer in advance, later you will not have to overpay or be content with a mediocre option. And let it be a small, but very beautiful wedding, a real fairy tale for two lovers.