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How to prepare for pregnancy properly as a woman

The declaration of child rights states that each child has the right to be born healthy. In order for the little little man to take advantage of this right, his parents need to very seriously and responsibly approach the time of conception. What needs to be done by a woman so that the future pregnancy is easy, and the baby is born healthy?

When asked when a woman begin to prepare for conception, experts say: you need to always follow their health. However, no later than three months before conception, a woman must completely change her lifestyle, food addictions and switch to proper nutrition. The fact is that incorrect, immoderate nutrition, but also excess weight can not only make the course of pregnancy heavy and problematic, but also prevent the very conception.

The expectant mother should abandon alcohol abuse, smoking, etc. D. Go through not only gynecological, but complete medical examination to detect possible diseases. It is advisable to visit genetics that will help reduce the risk of developing severe genetic pathology of the fetus. Also, before pregnancy, you need to visit the dentist and cure all your teeth. And avoid a place in which there is a large accumulation of people, so as not to become infected with infectious diseases.

In addition, a woman, no earlier than a month before the planned conception, should take tests for antibodies to toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella, herpes, as well as on HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and studies that determine the Rh factor and blood group. And start taking vitamins for expectant mothers – folic acid, iodine and vitamins of group B will be especially important.

If a woman will comply with these simple recommendations, she will be able to properly prepare for the upcoming pregnancy, and this will help protect the baby from possible pathologies and make the pregnancy easy and happy!