How to store the bulbs of gladioli

Storage of glaciers of gladioli at home is much more complicated than storage in the basement of an ordinary country house. But, if all the same to take into account many nuances, then there will be no problems with their storage. If you have already dried the bulbs, freed them from unnecessary shoots, removed old sprouts, then, then the question arises of their storage.

In general, storing the bulb of gladioli is a rather easy process. You can put them in a regular cardboard box, but, it is necessary to make small holes in it, this is necessary in order to have constant ventilation. Also, onion can be laid in the most ordinary nets in which vegetables are stored. Only you need to pay attention to the size of the holes, they should not be too large.

The place for storing the bulbs themselves can be chosen based on that. Where you can store the flowers of gladiolus. But, you should take into account some subtleties. If you plan to store the bulbs of gladioli in fairly cold conditions, or on a cold landing, then the bulbs must be dried very well. Since they can simply be bored and deteriorate.

If you leave wet and large bulbs in the cold, then large and long roots will begin to appear on them, and this will already be rotten by the entire onion of the bulb as a whole, and this is undesirable. If there are bulbs of different varieties of gladioli, then you cannot store them together. You can tie small threads to the roots, write on them what kind of variety this flower is, or what color. Since with mixing different varieties and colors of bulbs, they can pollinate from each other.

If you plan to store the bulbs in a warm place, then you should put them in individual bags, this will help protect them from drying out. This works only if the bulbs are very small, they should not be closely in bags.