How to treat hair loss in women at home

Hair loss is a problem that all women come across from time to time. This issue is especially acute in the offseason – in the fall or early spring. Women suddenly notice that whole strands begin to stay on the comb. While washing the head, a large number of hairs remains in the palm of your hand and in the drain. For many fair sex, this becomes a real tragedy! After all, beautiful and lush hair is a natural decoration of a woman given to her by nature. Who wants to be left without lush hair? Out of fear, bald ladies, cute ladies go in search of miraculous means, who can stop the pathological process.

Hair life

Scientists have found that each hair has its own life cycle. At first, the young hair grows, then gets old and in the end falls. This is a unique and continuous process, it cannot be accelerated or stopped. Stage of growth lasts from 2 to 8-10 years. This time period depends on both age and on the state of health of a woman. Then the process of “aging” begins when the hair onion no longer receives nutrients and begins to separate. And after a while, the dead hair leaves its height point and a new hair begins to form in its place.

Normally, a healthy person in 1 day falls out no more than a hundred hairs. Doctors consider these losses not only natural, but also the necessary. They do not lead to baldness or look like hair. Doctors of trichologists know how to treat hair loss in women and men. They are engaged in the study of diseases of the scalp and solving problems associated with the general condition of curls.

Why hair falls out

To understand how to treat hair loss in women, it is necessary to determine the main causes of this phenomenon. After all, thinning and even baldness are just an external reaction to some internal processes.

The main reasons why women fall in women:

scalp diseases (seborrhea, etc.);

metabolic disorders (including hormonal metabolism);

seasonal vitamin deficiency;

pregnancy and the first months after childbirth;

taking drugs (antibiotics and pr.);

Chronic diseases of internal organs.

How to treat hair loss in women

If a woman has hair, then you can treat at home. However, it should not include only washing the head with a special shampoo! It is not enough to make a healing mask a couple of times or rub the miraculous composition. Often the problem of hair loss is inside the body and is associated with the presence of chronic diseases.

You can treat hair loss at home using the following means:

Polyvitamins and trace elements (it is because of their lack. It is worth paying attention to this if the loss began at the end of winter or spring, when there are few fresh vegetables in the store, and they have long lost their value as sources of vitamins);

Therapeutic shampoos that contain special components that feed the scalp. They need to be thoroughly massaged and left on the hair for 5-10 minutes;

ampoules and masks designed to rub the scalp into the scalp, which saturate the hair follicle with nutrients necessary for the growth of new hairs.

If the hair continues to fall out, then as a treatment you can use a pepper mask, which is easy to cook at home. For this, pepper tincture is bought in a pharmacy, mixed with burdock oil and rubbed into the scalp. Next, a turban is made from a towel and the mixture is left for 3 hours. During this time, the composition slightly warms the skin (the mask should not bake!). This stimulates the hair onion, improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of new hair.

Scrubing the scalp of the head of sea salt also leads to good results. Blood circulation improves markedly and the hair onion is better supplied with nutritional elements. However, you should be careful not to damage the delicate scalp. Therefore, before use, sea salt must be pre -chopped.

If it is not possible to stop the loss on your own, it is better to consult a doctor. Trichologists know everything about what to do if a woman has hair and how to treat at home.