How to wash the windows quickly

To wash the plastic windows, it is necessary to use cleaners, which do not include materials that can leave scratches on the surface, also cannot be used by solvents, they can deprive glass of smoothness and shine. For washing, you can use the usual soap solution, or dishwashing liquid. And wooden windows should be wiped only with moisturized napkins, which are designed specifically for these purposes.

To date, washing windows is a process that requires knowledge of how you can process glass and what is impossible. Because some cleaners can damage glass or frame. Washing windows should be in non -fire, but in fairly warm weather. Never wash the windows in the cold season.

Window washing it is better to start with a frame. Soda cannot be added to the window for washing the window, this can ruin not only the window frame, but also the glass itself. Wash windows not with the external, but with the inner surface. Polishing glasses should only be carried out with a dry rag, first in the vertical, and then in a horizontal position. In any store, special napkins are sold, designed to wash glasses. They include components that can quickly and easily clean the glass. And do not leave any traces and scratches on it.

To give shine, you can use the usual starch. You need to mix one tablespoon of starch with a tablespoon of water, and soak the window with this solution. Then wash off with ordinary water.

To wash windows, you can use a home -made solution. Add several tablespoons of alcohol to the water and wash the window with this solution using a sponge. After washing, it is recommended to wipe the window with a cotton cloth, or a newspaper so that there are no stains left on the glass.