How to wear a cross

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Cross -shaped jewelry can be found in almost any design collection. They do not go out of fashion and it is they can most often see on the neck of both women and men. Disputes on the topic can be considered a golden cross simply by decoration for many years and, it seems, they are not going to subside. And jewelers meanwhile make them more attractive and original. Today, crosses are often a real work of art, which is blasphemous to hide under clothes! And they can often be seen on the neck of famous actors and musicians during social events or photo shoots.

The subtleties of the question

Crosses are made today from various materials and different forms. Most often they are made of gold, silver, platinum and wood. They can be decorated with figure carvings and expensive stones, including diamonds. This is a great gift to both a man, a woman, and a child, appropriate for almost any holiday. But it is better if he is presented to a loved one.

There is a lot of disputes around wearing a cross, but the basic rules are as follows:

Any cross should be consecrated in the church, even if a person does not consider himself a believers.

When going to a bathhouse or sauna, a metal cross must be removed. You can replace it with wooden.

From a religious point of view, only representatives of the clergy and small children can wear a cross over clothes.

During a medical equipment examination, it must be removed.

Regardless of religious beliefs, the cross should not be endowed with magical properties. He can act as a talisman, but is in no way connected with success.

It is worth choosing it based on personal preferences. In the end, he should cause his owner positive emotions. In addition, thanks to the abundance of forms and materials, a cross can be considered exclusively as an exquisite decoration. It can be daytime and evening and all the rules for the selection of accessories for one or another outfit are fair for him.