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Most women at least once in their lives wondered how to persuade a loved one to marry. After all, most want a free relationship and do not burden themselves with thoughts about marriage. Girls, on the contrary, want a quick marriage to create an environment for a comfortable life and raising children.


Astrology gives detailed tips on how to win a beloved man, depending on his zodiac sign. She tells which behavior is better to choose – behave passively and modestly or advises to become relaxed and active. In addition, you can find information about the needs and inclinations of the representative of each individual zodiac sign. This will determine the strategy of behavior and his desires, as well as push to make an proposal to the hand of the heart.

Characteristics of signs

The main characteristics of men according to the signs of the zodiac are given below.

Aries is a daring zodiac sign. He is active and is able to independently make decisions. Relations are tied quickly, but they can cool down just as quickly. An ideal partner for him is a woman who creates the impression of a free person and does not allow him to relax for a minute.

Taurus – Slow zodiac sign. Its representatives have been deciding for a serious relationship for quite some time. Future brides identified an active position in the family.

Gemini is the most romantic zodiac sign. A distinctive feature of this type of men is the ability to quickly develop a serious relationship.

Crayfish is one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. They are courteous and polite with their second halves. But, in turn, they are vulnerable and prone to sharp changes in relationships.

Lions constantly crave attention. They live not only for themselves, but also others. Therefore, in order to impress him, you need to have a good reputation and be able to behave before the public.

Virgo, by themselves, concrete in relationships. Do not like hasty and strive for harmony. Do not like to flaunt their feelings. For a good impression, it’s enough to make friends with his mother. This will be an unconditional way to success.

Libra are natural diplomats. Galance and charm their main advantages. Women who want to marry the scales should have an aesthetic taste and humble temper.

Scorpions love strong and impregnable women. To become his wife, you need to be an ally and a close friend

Sagittarius adore the initiative. They are attracted to the attention of women who share his interests.

Capricorns are prudent, including in love relationships. They are inclined to confident women and good housewives.

Aquarius love women puzzles. Girls who will not fully reveal information about themselves and will not allow you to understand preferences and the character will launch a long and strong relationship.

Pisces, on the contrary, are prone to certainty and understandability in relationships. Girls striving for stability will find excellent husbands in them.