How we prepared chicken in a child-based

When the time of the May holidays came, my wife unexpectedly stated:

“But do we prepare something unusual for us?”

“Let’s do the chicken,” I muttered unable to tear myself away from the computer screen.

A little later, I regretted deeply that I did not call anything simpler. For example: “Nothing is dear! Just order pizza with sausage!”

Be that as it may, but go for the market for chicken, and then look for an interesting and unusual recipe on the Internet.

After long negotiations of the three militant parties (I, my wife and 10-year-old son), it was decided to prepare the chicken in a child.

However, to say something is relatively easy to say. But to do ..

What was only worth it to cut the tomatoes correctly, with cubes, having previously ripped off the skin from them! And how nice it is to cut onions all of you, you probably know very well.

While the wife was frying chicken legs, all the hardest work, we did with his son.

In my opinion, for people suitable for a gas stove, only occasionally and then only in order to cook dumplings from a pack, wash to clean and cut the vegetables and then remove the garbage. The task is very difficult! However, my son and I, like real men, putting up the sleeves, under the guiding shouts of my wife still coped with their hard task. Moreover, we all love meat dishes very much.

In addition, a steady smell of fried chicken soon appeared in the kitchen and our mood spoiled by vegetables has improved somewhat.

After the legs fried a little and pulled them out, according to the recipe, in the same pan we had to fry all the cut vegetables.

And then negotiations threatening to go to military operations began again. Military operations were going to start a son who said that he did not eat a heavily overflowing bow. I tried to support him in this matter, saying that I also didn’t like it when in a frying pan, in oil, instead of a golden beam, something black and clearly unappetizing swims.

The spouse said to our objections that now she would abandon everything and we will cook ourselves. How not ashamed to admit, but her threats acted, and the vegetables were fried as she wants.

By the time, the vegetables were fried and chicken, olives, spices were added to the pan, and something else known to my wife alone, I personally felt such fatigue as if just, solely unloaded KamAZ loaded with heavy bags with cement.

Finally, our unusual festive dish was ready.

And it succeeded without a doubt.

But still I want to end the article not that.

The main thing is that, after a fairly short period of time spent at the stove, I finally stopped envious of the domestic houses. If earlier I considered such a life a paradise type of home vacation, now I realized that this is far from the case. If I am so tired, although we prepared the three of us and helping each other, then what a woman who cooks, erases, strokes, vacuums alone feels?

In my opinion, this is a real hell and hard labor! I’m better unloading in three shifts of KAMAZ!