Indoor violet and care

Indoor violet and care

In gloomy winter days I really want to please myself and surrounding bright colors. This will help the violet Uzambara. It is a indoor plant that can bloom all year round. The colors of its colors are diverse, as well as their shape and quantity. Another name for this queen of indoor plants is Senpolia.

Flower growers deduced many varieties of violets. This plant not only pleases the eye, but also does not require special labor costs to maintain it in a flowering state.

It is known that the homeland of violets – Tanzania and Kenya located in East Africa. Therefore, the plant prefers the warm and soft climate of apartments, feels great on the sunny window.

This plant takes up a little space on the windowsill. Typically, an adult copy of the violet does not exceed in a diameter of 15 centimeters, and reach 8-10 centimeters in height.

There are dozens of varieties of Vzambara violets, however, the name of the plant variety can be found, mainly only in special nurseries in Moscow. Two -color violets, single -color plants, as well as varieties with gear leaves and dwarf violets are popular.

The Uzambara violet gets along well on one windowsill with any plants and looks good with flowering plant species.

There are several ways to propagate violet. The most common of them is the landing of leafy cuttings to obtain a new outlet. Six months later, a new full -fledged plant will grow from a leaf. In order to propagate the violet in this way, you need to cut off the cuttings from the adult plant and stick it into the hole in a specially prepared pot with soil for indoor plants. A pot with a cuttings should be left on a window in a room with a temperature of 18 to 21 degrees. When young sockets will have three pairs of leaflets, plants need to be transplanted into flower pots.

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