Juvederm rejuvenating procedure

Modern women tend to look as long as young and beautiful as possible. Innovative technologies allow you to do this in a short time. The fastest way to eliminate the signs of withering of the skin is the use of biogel (cosmetic fillers, micromystands).

Juvederm biogel can be used by patients over 20 years old, although it is most often necessary for women after 35 years old, when wrinkles on their faces are already clearly marked, but there are no deep creases yet. In principle, each person has a physiological process of aging passes according to an individual scenario. Juvederm injections should be made in specialized clinics. A plastic surgeon or dermatocosmetologist must have a license to provide this kind of services. Before carrying out a rejuvenating procedure, you must consult a specialist, discuss with him all your questions, expected results and possible side effects.

The drug is not recommended to use persons with auto -im and oncological diseases, infectious and inflammatory processes in the zone of alleged injections, myastemia, a tendency to develop hypertrophic scarring, blood coagulation, hypersensitivity to gualuronic acid. It is forbidden to use the drug against the background of antibiotic therapy. The unique composition of the anti -aging agent is absolutely safe for our body, does not cause allergies. The risk of any complications directly depends on the qualifications of the specialist. Side phenomena, as a rule, arise from improper selection of input or overdose points.

The process of introducing a biological gel itself occurs using microsh apples and takes no more than 20 minutes. The gel mass is introduced under the wrinkle, after which the skin relief is aligned. The specified substance due to its ultra -decisiveness is easily distributed in the tissues. The effect is amazing and visible instantly. The duration of Juvederm depends on many factors: the type and condition of the skin, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadministration of the drug and its volume. After approximately 9-12 months, the components of the biological gel decay in the tissues without the formation of any toxic products. Cosmetologists in their practice also use the APTOS technique. The presented method gives an instant result. The main advantages of this method include: minimally invasiveness, the absence of scars on the skin, fast skin tightening.