Kira Plane. Female female psychologist

The young domestic designer Kira Plansina, the child prodigy of the fashion world, only 22 years old, but every fashionista is familiar with her clothes in one way or another.

The first store was opened when his owner was only 14 years old, then the first title of the youngest fashion designer of the world came. Since then, Kira has already opened more than 200 stores.

Kira has repeatedly admitted that the design of clothing was her dream. Being always dissatisfied with her appearance by a teenager, the girl took control of the situation and, with the help of a team of professionals, began to develop her own collection. So she proved that fun, enthusiasm, originality and colorful clothing helps to demonstrate its individuality without much effort.

Kira’s dresses with a planina very quickly acquired a numerous army of fans who did not limit themselves to anything, not only from the CIS, but also from the United States. Kira even puts on Paris Hilton, who was happy to participate in the show of her fashionable and incomparable dresses.

Individuality of clothing kira plastinina

The designer is ready to work only on those models that I would love to put on myself. The brand is unique and is trusted among young people, because Kira personally takes part in the development of each model, paying attention to trifles and details. All products are sewn only from high -quality Italian fabric.

Currently, not only adolescents are the target audience of Kira. Since 2009, the Brand has been presented “Lux” collections. These are elegant clothes for more adult and successful women.

Assortment Kira Plastinina

In each collection, a young designer tries to reflect the news of world trends. Young girls prefer bright prints on T -shirts, sexy fashion dresses and skirts, attractive exclusive accessories. The assortment provides for everyday models and for more solemn occasions.

The right wardrobe

In the “correct wardrobe”, the presence of simple, beautiful, elegant, at the same time, comfortable dresses must. Many fashionable clothing manufacturers for women, and especially Kira Plainina, take into account the wishes of fans by means of models in the style of Casl (Casl).

Style and taste are not the components that are in every person. This is what can be instilled gradually and bring this subtle work to perfection. However, in the search for your own expression, it is important to remember that clothing should be one with an image of a person, emphasizing his dignity, but not distracting from them.