Kopecks in Ukraine will become scarce

A penny cost nothing

We decided in the National Bank and decided to “write off” the smallest Ukrainian coins. Silver one -, a two -foam trifle costs the state too expensive. However, you need to get rid of it carefully. A penny can be very expensive.

The state spends as many as 16 on the manufacture of one penny, but people do not need a depreciated trifle and for nothing.

Journalists decided to check how people cherish a penny. 10 hryvnias threw citizens right under the feet. We stood for about twenty minutes. There were no wishes to choose coins. Even among pensioners.

If a penny even in a bread store is not accepted, then why collect them?

In the National Bank, they say that during the year, depressed coins will stop minting. Already preparing the corresponding solution. Shops are ready for this. They say that in order to get rid of the white little things at the box office, even special programs have already begun to install.

A little buyers take a trifle, the sellers say, but the majority – leaves a silver trifle or throws away next to the cashier.

A penny is never superfluous in the house of designer Victoria Bartosh. For her, it is an invaluable material for creative work. Near the hryvnia, it took her first picture, which a woman with decorated a few years ago. He says that for the creative implementation of a penny they are ideal.

Victoria Bartosh, decorator artist: “This is generally a universal material, it can be glued, starting from superglide, children’s pencil, PVA, hot glue – anything to any surface, because they have a very easy alloy”.

Until the penny was bought up by artists, they sell abroad – they melt to jewelry. Or they sell collectors. The price of a fraction knows the numismatist Maxim Zagreb well. A researcher of coins warns: it is not worth selling rare pennies on the Internet, they offer only 200-300 hryvnias for them, but in reality, even 8 thousand can be earned on a two-button coin.

Maxim Zagreba, Numismat: “When they ask about the value of two cents, then 2 kopecks of the 92nd year are implied. In fact, this is a trial coin, which was minted about a hundred pieces in the glorious city of Lugansk, in fact the impossible can be seen in circulation, it all parted somewhere into collectors, museums “.

However, unnecessary two-two units can also rise in price. If in Italy a depreciated trifle was used to make cheap buttons, then Ukrainian stainless pennies can become a real national brand and turn into a deficit.

Victoria Bartosh, decorator artist: “Very convenient, they do not rust, they are brilliant, they are round, elegant, they will be very, very fashionable”.