Large clothing for short -tall lovers

The choice of clothing is always a complex and time -consuming process. And when it comes to “Rubens” women, this is also a responsible step. How to create an image fashionable and at the same time sexual?

Give preference to models that bring to the forefront of you and your personality. Remember: Clothing for the full ones is created to favorably emphasize the beauty of the figure and the unsurpassed taste of the owner. Let the choice of newfangled clothing turn into a trip that fascinates you into the world of beautiful. The shopping process should be pleasure.

Secrets of “Kustodiev” beauties

Large clothing ceased to be a faceless cover that kills femininity. No need to be afraid to stand out using a fashionable outfit. You are beautiful and individual! Large women’s clothing in Montserrat will not allow you to stay in the shade. We will reveal a few secrets of selection of clothing with not very high growth.

• Secret No. 1.Buy clothes only your size

This rule is very simple. Choosing small things, you doom yourself discomfort. And an absurd reflection, sadly looking at you from the mirror, will cause irritation. Montserrat, an online clothing store for full women, is ready to offer a stylish thing of the required size. Give preference to the style that sit well on the figure.

• Secret No. 2. Forget about monophonic boring clothes!

Why turn into a shapeless spot? Use stylish things of different colors. The Montserrat online store presents quality clothes for full in Ukraine. Try to choose a red dress as a basis, for example, the “Chanel” model. Complete it with a stylish gray jacket “Diana” (brand Lina). Look for bold combinations!

• Secret No. 3. Small pattern on fabric is a great choice for you!

Preference should be given fabrics in a narrow vertical strip. They will visually give growth, extend the general silhouette. Caution treat a large pattern – it greatly reduces growth. Trend clothing for full women with a photo will help you make a mistake in choosing a model in Montserrat.

• Secret No. 4. Heel – perfect solution!

Comfort is important in shoes: for each day, models are permissible in which the heel is 3-5 cm; for parties or holidays – with a heel of 10 – 15 cm. The ankle should be left free, choosing models without straps and too large accents (bows or too deliberate fasteners and other jewelry). They visually make the leg shorter. There are no restrictions with flowers, experiment with shoes of beige shades.

• Secret No. 5. Bags – no shapelessness!

When choosing bags, focus on models of strict outlines. Exclude large shapeless models. The bag should give the image the completeness and accuracy.

These tips will help to navigate the variety of clothes. The main thing, remember – no clothing is able to convey the hundredth share of a special charm of a luxurious woman!