Leather jackets: what does the fashion of 2015 offer ladies?

A stylish and bright leather jacket is an integral part of a women’s wardrobe, which is regularly updated by all connoisseurs of impeccable style and fashionable trends.

Designers, in turn, constantly delight young ladies, giving original new items every season. So what are the versions of leather jackets for ladies in 2015?

Minimalism and conciseness

The brightest trend in this direction is designated as the most simplicity and maximum conciseness. Trending leather jackets this year turned out to be very relaxed. There is no hint of pretentiousness or pathos in them. If literally last year the stylists offered girls versions stylized for the so -called jackets, with metal catching fragments in the form of spikes and rivets, today almost no one remembers them. Everything turned out to be much easier and many times more restrained. Ruker models should be saved in a closet until better times.

Freedom to shades

As for the coloristic performance, it is worth noting an incredible variety. In 2015, fashionable short leather jackets for women will be represented:

juicy and stylish malachite, emerald, salad tones;

the most extraordinary neon colors;

stylish and delicate pastel shades;

fiery passionate bright red variations.

However, this is not all that the fashion season offers stylish young ladies. For lovers of shocking, designers give a chance to bold and provocatively declare themselves. To be in the center of universal attention, it will be sufficient to purchase a jacket from delicate, soft, pleasant to the touch of skin, stained in the color of metallic. Brilliant versions in every sense are represented by the most famous brands. A matte leather jacket, which is beaten in a light golden tint, will look especially stylish and non -trivial. This version will be a wonderful solution for Casl style.

Simplicity of the cut and a minimum of decor

A different noticeable trend in this direction is the ultimate simplification of the cut. Some models are more similar to stylish laconic vests. Perhaps such clothes will not save the fashionista from the wind, rain, bad weather. However, definitely exactly trend variations will bring their chic, charm and charm to the ensemble.

2015 proposes to return to elongated women’s leather jackets – choose, for example, a female leather cloak. They are more similar to the trenches or raincoats. However, from this, their aesthetic embodiment does not lose its attractiveness at all. Again, they look very concise and simple, which fits perfectly into actual minimalism.