Lush or modest wedding

Wedding is, as a rule, a big holiday for the most part for a woman. A man who decided to take this step, unlike a woman, did not dream of a black suit from the age of 14 and how many guests will be when he would cut a wedding cake.

Therefore, often it is the woman who decides what her wedding will be – magnificent or modest. And here it all depends on where exactly you plan to take off the wedding. If we are talking about a wedding in Astrakhan, where experts can help you make an estimate and advise you on the organization’s issues, then you can’t do with a modest wedding here. And if we are talking about your independent choice, then the wedding ceremony can be modest. Moreover, modesty does not imply a small number of guests or meager costs. Modest – it means without scope and imagination.

What wedding can be considered modest?

Wedding according to a traditional and standard scheme with an invitation of a familiar toastmaster and a traditional ransom of the bride. At the same time, there are often much more guests at modest weddings than on magnificent. Dressed up and with hairstyles guests are not always delighted with changing clothes in Pugachev or a fake bride. They come to the wedding to entertain them, and not to be in the role of clowns ourselves.

What is a magnificent wedding?

A magnificent wedding is, first, all the courteous and attentive attitude towards guests. A great selection of the place of celebration with non-cramped room and comfortable tables, because of which it will be convenient to go out if necessary. This is a beautiful and interesting show program that affects originality, delicious dishes and excellent service. At the same time, even at a magnificent wedding there may be few guests.

Only you choose: you want you are a magnificent or modest wedding. But remember that you will remember this day all your life, which means that its organization should be flawless in every way.