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Marriages are in heaven

No wonder the people say that true marriages are in heaven. But often heaven needs to help and remind of oneself, so that marriage is truly stored by heaven.

The most sure way is to use at the wedding wedding celestial flashlights that look very impressive against the background of the night sky. Wedding celestial flashlights have the most diverse inscriptions. So, you can buy a flashlight with the inscription “I love”, “Happiness” and many other records.

Thanks to the appearance of these flashlights, in the celebration of modern weddings in our country, completely new traditions began to appear. Now, the launch of wedding celestial flashlights has become an integral attribute of the completion of the first wedding day.

It is not sacred that this action began to grow in many legends. According to the most common of them, thanks to the launch of a wedding flashlight, you can reach out to heaven and ask God to protect marriage, keep feelings and send children faster.

To such wedding lanterns, very often the bride and the bride attach their oaths, which they spoke in the registry office or requests to heaven that they want to come true in their life together.

As for the features of launching the flashlights themselves, here modern newlyweds are diverge. Someone believes that it is necessary to finish the wedding with all guests, and someone believes that this is a very intimate moment and the groom and the bride should do this, or only together or the maximum in the presence of witnesses of the wedding.

Be that as it may, wedding lanterns do not lose their relevance, but are more and more gaining their popularity among newlyweds. And, if you have a wedding, then along with wedding glasses, engagement rings and other wedding supplies, do not forget to buy wedding heavenly flashlights.