Menopause in women signs of cause

In the life of any woman comes the moment called menopause (om) or menopause. This is a special period for the fairer sex, when the production of estrogens is interrupted by ovaries. In most cases, this occurs at the age of 50. Objectively, this is revealed by a decrease in the level of estrogen in the blood serum and the stop of menstruation. It is problematic to make forecasts when women have a menopause, but it is necessary to know that the heredity factor here plays an important role. It turns out that the daughter of Menopause occurs at approximately at the same age as her mother.

A factor in the approximation of menopause can be deep and prolonged stress, gynecological operations, infectious diseases at the time of sexual maturation. When menopause occurs, ovarian removal or damage to their function due to chemotherapy or irradiation occurs. There was no connection between the age of the end of menopause, the period of the onset of menstruation, the beginning of sexual life, the number of childbirth.

The potential of progressive medicine allows you to support the health status of women over 50 years at a level that before that it was impossible to achieve. At the same time, the main two groups are used: natural phytoestrogens and hormone replacement therapy. Successful and safe congenital support for a woman’s hormonal equilibrium is considered to be Estrovel, which make up plant extracts have the effect of phytohormones, nettle infusion, calcium fruits, amino acids.

Estrovel is intended for preventive measures, as well as for the correction of disorders united with menopause. It restores the work of the autonomic nervous system, changes hormonal balance, reduces the tact and severity of the tides, normalizes the emotional state.

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