One of the best washing machines of 2012

For many women, however, as for single men, a washing machine in the house is probably one of the most important and necessary items of equipment. In only one century, a washing machine was improved and modified, which was no longer like a primitive device with a rotating drum, it began to wash, choose a temperature mode, temperature time and, when you press the button, it begins to work for you. Of course, the process of evolution still continues and it remains only guesses what was the washing machine of the future.

One of the most famous manufacturers of Samsung household appliances, decided to realize the dream of many women in 2012, creating the most perfect washing machine Samsung Eco Bubbe WF1124ZAC, which became the best washing machine of the year.

One of the main advantages of the washing machine is that it used Eco Bubbe technology. Thanks to this perfect technology, even before the began washing, the detergent is mixed with water in the generator, as a result of which there is a lot of foam, so it is much easier for it to penetrate the fibers of the fabric and wash dirt and stains. Even if you are washed in delicate mode and at any temperature, your things will remain perfectly clean despite the degree of pollution.

The developers of the washing machine also took care of the design of the motor, so the machine operates almost silently, since the machine is equipped with a system for monitoring the balancing “WF1124ZAC”. Due to the fact that the inverter digital engine does not have brushes that abrupt over time, the washing machine can operate for 10 years on a warranty period, so it does not need to repair Bosch washing machines for a long time.

In addition, in Samsung Eco Bubbe WF1124ZAC there is a heating element with a double ceramic coating that will not allow salt deposits. There is also a diagnostic system in the car and the cleansing filter itself. The developers of the washing machine even provided a sudden disconnection of electricity, so the Volt Control device is mounted in electronics, which will independently control the machine after supplying electricity. Unlike other Classes A +++, “WF1124ZAC” is very economical, the machine’s power is only 1.17 kW.

In the washing machine, the rotating drum “Diamond” plays an important role, in the nutria of which honeycombs with holes, thanks to this, even the most subtle and delicate fabric is protected from random damage. What could be seen in washing modes, a convenient LCD display is built in the car, which works automatically and selects the mode after loading underwear. This advanced washing machine “Samsung Eco Bubbe WF1124ZAC” has already entered the sale of 45,000 rubles.