Original female jackets

A jacket in a women’s wardrobe is a great example of how strict male style gradually turns into something bright, interesting and elegant. However, female jackets are much more beautiful and diverse than male analogues. After all, designers have always paid more attention to fashion for women.

What variations are offered today? There are quite a lot of them. It is difficult to list all models and styles, but you can easily list the options for the performance of certain details of the jacket.

The individuality of each model

So, let’s consider several criteria by which it is worth comparing jackets that the catalogs of clothing offer.

Length of the product. It can be shortened (jacket or bolero), classic or elongated. For example, there are tuniki jackets, as well as those that resemble a male tailcoat due to a lowly lowered long hem. You need to choose this criterion in accordance with your growth and figure.

Furniture and buttons. All existing models are distinguished by single -breasted (buttons are located only on one side), double -breasted (buttons on two sides, look in two rows). Sometimes a button can be a purely symbolic single, and sometimes it is completely absent. Instead of it, the locks are installed or leave the jacket open. Considering clothing catalogs for young people, you will definitely find the last option.

Sleeves. In the classic version, they reach the wrist, slightly cover it. Modern models can have a ¾ sleeve, which looks great as in combination with trousers, so with a short skirt, looks bright and refreshing. The sleeve is considered a particularly fashionable trend, which brings up, showing everyone the internal lining. The latter is often contrasting. Visit the latest clothing catalogs, and you will find classic jackets with very non -classic lining fabrics.

The shape of the gate. The collar plays a large role in the practicality and beauty of this wardrobe item. And all because it depends on him which clothes you can put on a jacket, and is it possible. Classic triangular collars, rounded cutouts are found. But fantasy designer jackets deserve special attention, in which the gate becomes a real work of art.

Jackets in a women’s wardrobe can be different, but they should not be boring and annoying.

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