Orthopedic mattress is the best solution for a comfortable sleep

December 03, 2013

In order to stay awake throughout the day, unload your tired spine must be selected for yourself a comfortable mattress. The latest technologies in the production of mattresses allow using structural solutions to offer customers a new type of mattress – orthopedic.

Many believe that having chosen and bought an orthopedic mattress, they will solve many health problems and do not puzzle their heads about the actual efficiency of the mattress. Few people know that the choice is purely individual. In general, buying a mattress in the market of manufactured goods will not be difficult, but it is necessary to adhere to some criteria:

Depending on the age of the sleeper, it is necessary to choose a mattress by stiffness. For children who have the formation of the spine, tough, for the elderly soft or increased comfort.

In order for the mattress to bring therapeutic benefit, it is necessary to decide in which area of ​​the spine you are painful. With periodically occurring pains and with pain in the cervical region, it is better to take a mattress with bilateral rigidity, if you suffer from diseases of the lumbar zone, then the choice is stopped on soft models.

An important criterion is the filler, which is placed on top of the spring block. For these purposes, use the coer (coconut fiber), cotton, horse hair, latex, in elite mattresses -100 % wool. The filler with the “memory effect”, which has the effect of viscosity and capable of maintaining the lower back throughout the dream, is now gaining popularity.

The orthopedic mattress should have a case made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, flax).

Mattresses have a spring or non -free block, most often for orthopedic mattresses, springs made of different thicknesses of the wire are used.

It is necessary to purchase a mattress only in specialized stores, be vigilant, cheap goods, rarely are of high quality. Do not save on your health.