Past and present torn jeans

Did you know that the first torn jeans appeared in the 80s of the last century? It was the clothes of the Pankovs, and no one else who liked their lifestyle to his liking, would not even think to put on such jeans.

Women’s torn jeans 2013 then did not go on sale. Holes either appeared on their own – in the process of aging jeans, or were done specifically at home. Today everything has become much easier. Jeans with the most suitable holes can be found without much difficulty. Many are ready to pay very expensive for a well -known brand and high quality. In addition, leading designers did not disregard the torn jeans, including their most diverse models in their stylish collections. Tear, cut and wipe jeans at the stage of their production!

But for lovers of something super-chorginal, an old proven way of “making” such jeans on your own is suitable. This is not so difficult if you follow the widely propagated on the Internet and even in fashion magazines Technology. Chancellery knife, fork, scissors, graters, needles and other “tools” are suitable for such operations. In order to make your jeans model even more extravagant and original, you can apply various paints and markers.

Who wears torn jeans today? Of course, they are most popular among teenagers. But older girls are not averse to having such jeans in their wardrobe. The model is selected, often more modest and with fewer damage. Redut promotional code allows you to save well.

Torn jeans in the expanses of the post -Soviet space gained momentum of popularity much later than, say, in America. On sale, ready -made “rings” began to appear no more than ten years ago.

The new trend of modern fashion – artificial “aging” jeans – is embodied not only by making slots and holes in them. Various “scuffs” are widely used, which are about to become holes. To make jeans look more natural, the “aging” places are whitened by processing special dyes. For example, indigo, which is great for painting natural denim.

And yet, despite the huge variety of torn jeans, there is a certain facet of damage. Holes and cuts, if the procedure is performed at home, should not be located too close to each other, so that later they do not become one huge hole. After all, the old fabric is short -lived in any case.

That is why, in order to be confident in the impeccability of your appearance, it is better to give preference to a proprietary thing.