Pregnancy, childbirth, health

During pregnancy, a woman should pay attention to her diet, since non -compliance with the rules leads to bad consequences and may affect her and in the future child. Even scientists have proven that the child’s ability to learning directly depends on the proper nutrition of the mother.

Of course, you will have to abandon many products, plus limit yourself from products that contain fat and carbohydrates. In the second half of pregnancy, tomatoes, strawberries, chocolate and citrus fruits will have to be excluded from the diet, as they contain allergens. It is not recommended to use strong meat broths, garlic and onions, various spices.

Nobody, not only pregnant women can not take drugs. Using drugs, mother and her fetus are subjected to serious complications. Myocardial infarction, heart rate violation, cramps, gap of brain vessels, arrhythmia, sudden death – all this will happen if a woman will use drugs during pregnancy. Typically, drug addicts suffer from sexual diseases and, as a result, pregnancy ends with a miscarriage or premature birth. If a woman manages to take out a child and give birth, then he is born with drug addiction and various congenital defects.