Pregnancy is happiness or stress?

“Pregnancy” is a truly miracle, because a woman is born in a woman, a continuation of you, the future, hopes … develops ..

It’s sick, my head hurts, a delay … I bought a test, and I saw a positive result … Someone is lost, afraid, cries with horror, reproaches himself for allowing such a thing, and someone drops tears from irresistible joy, because this is such a long-awaited moment And life is just beginning. From the moment a woman finds out that she is pregnant, grandiose changes begin not only in her body, but also in life. She begins to look for the best children’s shops and online stores, look after and buy sets in a crib for newborns and friend children’s things that may be useful to the baby in the first days and months of his life. Let’s try to figure out that all the same pregnancy is joy or grief?

Nobody is news that the pregnancy must be planned, it is necessary to carefully prepare for such an event. But in our time, such a “surprise” for girls is more common. And since it happened, any woman should know that she is already completely responsible for what happened, she also is responsible not only for herself, but for life inside her.

You are a modern girl, love entertainment, you are mobile, active and you have everything ahead, you have all the future painted. You have a beloved man who is always there. After a romantic evening, you spent a great night, as a result of which life originated in you. Most often in such cases, a woman decides to make a “lynching” over a person. “The child is not included in my plans!”Or” What will my boyfriend say? Yes, he will leave me!»But abortion never goes without consequences and more and more often there are women who are no longer able to give birth. And they look at their friends with envy, who have already developed a full -fledged family.

Remember: “Abortion does not save you from pregnancy, and you become the mother of a dead child!”