Press Wall – an indispensable participant in your photos

Celebrating the wedding, organizing a presentation or a corporate meeting, we always hope that this time the photos will turn out perfect. But even a professional photographer can not always guarantee perfect pictures, because light and situation play a significant role. To raise the quality of the photo to a new level, it is worth ordering a press wave with studio lighting, it will become your trump card in the struggle for perfect pictures.

Representing a banner on a special frame, the Atho press serves as a backdrop for photographs of people at various shows and events. Open a glossy magazine and find a page with a report on the next show or meeting. Most of the photos will be taken against the background of a banner with advertising or the logo of the event. This is the press wave. But do not forget that the high quality of the photo is provided by the lighting system, which is installed nearby. You can read about the parameters of the banner about the parameters of the banner here.

Of course, the order and installation with lighting costs a lot, but everything pays off with photos. It is by them that they will judge the festival or meeting after many years, it is the first thing they are looking at them.

Main advantages:

An excellent background without an abundance of extra details and a riot of colors;

Accent on the photo – people. No more “nonsense” persons in the frame;

Everyone will get into the frame. Ten, twenty or more people can become participants in an excellent group photo;

Press Wall at the event immediately demonstrates the high level and serious attitude of the organizer to the participants.

Of course, no one prevents you from taking pictures of your guests against the background of a wall or tree in the yard on a regular camera. But after that, most of the pictures will go into the scrap, and the remaining will always be accompanied by comments like: “Well, they didn’t take it off at the studio”. On the other hand, using the press, you will receive photos right at home or at the event that you can be proud of. Do not forget that when ordering a banner, you can place any pattern, logo, monogram or even an advertising block on it. You will be helped to make such an order so that you do not have to overpay in a printing bureau or photo studio.

If you plan to take many photos during a wedding or corporate meeting, then it will not be superfluous in addition to renting and installation to order a special photographer. He can not be distracted by anything else to establish light, shoot everyone and professionally process pictures. Imagine what the only photographer will be, who will have to work both “live” and at the banner. With such workload and throwing from one to another, the quality of the pictures will drop sharply. But you ordered the press wave not for this at all.