Preventive medical examinations

In the modern world, most enterprises carefully monitor the health of working personnel. In many areas of production, it is necessary that the employees are healthy, because the efficiency of this production depends on this significantly.

For work, as a rule, it is necessary to undergo preventive medical examinations. This provision is regulated in the order of the Ministry of Social Development of Russia. Such examinations are necessary in order to monitor changes in the health of working personnel, create certain working conditions, create the necessary statistical documents.

What specialists should undergo preventive medical examinations order? First of all, special attention to health is paid to those who are busy in the field of food industry. Also, this issue is relevant for specialists engaged in the production of pharmaceutical products, as well as in the areas of service, trade, medical workers, and many other specialists. Such examinations, in general, determine the professional suitability of a specialist to work in this area. This examination is studying urine tests, lung images, cardiograms, as well as examinations with a surgeon, an oculist, therapist, and neuropathologist. For women, a visit to a gynecologist is also mandatory.

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