Professional skin care

Methods of care

Facial skin care requires special care, so it is best to conduct it in a specialized cosmetology room using a professional cosmetologist. There are many diverse procedures. The main of them are painted below.

Professional procedures

The most common procedures of professional skin care through hardware cosmetology:

– Lymphodrenazh. It is possible both manual and hardware option. Due to the special effect on facial muscles, lymphocot is enhanced. The skin becomes cleaner, oxidation and decay products are removed.

– Galvanization. For this procedure, a special electric current frequency is used. It helps to accelerate blood flow, the face is fresh due to the better supply of oxygen and beneficial substances.

– Decking. Well suited for oily skin. Allows you to deeply cleanse the pores of the face using an electric current of a special frequency and power.

– Vaporization. Used for the same purposes as the previous procedure. Cleansing occurs with the smallest drops of slightly cool water, with the addition, if desired, aromic masels.

– Ionophoresis. The procedure is the introduction of special ionized drugs used for cosmetic purposes into the skin of the face.

– Darsonvalization. Again, an electric current of ultra -high frequency is used. Helps in inflammatory processes due to active saturation of the skin of ozone.

– Microcurrent therapy. One of the types of lymphatic drainage. Used for small skin tightening on the face, tones the muscles well.

– Reidolysis. Special electric currents stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers, which is useful for getting rid of wrinkles.

Professional skin care procedures by means of exfoliation:

– Peeling. The upper layer of keratinized cells is removed. Piling can be mechanical, laser and chemical. Professionals are made in the middle and deep peeling, and the latter is considered practically operation.

Professional facial skin care procedures through microinjection:

– Mesotherapy. Special nutrients and vitamins are introduced under the skin. Now this procedure has gained particular popularity.