Quartz stone and the properties of varieties of mineral

Many call quartz the most amazing gem. As a rule, this is due to a large number of varieties of this material. According to many fashionistas, the stone is relatively inexpensive and ideal for many wardrobe items.

This mineral has been known to people since ancient times. Judging by the results of excavations of archaeologists, many household items and tools were created precisely from quartz. To date, work on the extraction of quartz stone is underway everywhere.

The tastes of even the most picky buyers can be satisfied with the variety of quartz species. For example, there are such varieties of quartz as yellowish adventurine and gray rachtopaz. But one of the most valuable varieties is the purple-purple amethyst. Due to the fact that the deposits of this variety are depleted, synthetic amethysts can be found more and more often on sale. The stone of citrine with amazing shades is slightly less in its popularity. As for the quartz of brown and green, it can be rarely found in nature. Therefore, decoration manufacturers add iron, so that the stone acquires a green tint. In turn, quite often the blue translucent quartz is found. The stone receives such a color due to the presence of rutile. But for jewelry, such a variety is not used.

It has long been known that quartz has the healing properties. According to folk healers, it perfectly cleans water. Such water can be washed and used for cooking. And if you wash your hands with water, which is cleansed by quartz, then the skin will become elastic and elastic. And to facilitate colds, it is recommended to wear this stone on the neck. Quartz jewelry will help improve memory and develop imagination.