Reasons for the campaign to the dentist

Despite the fact that medicine has stepped far enough and today dentistry has become even better and completely painless, some people still neglect mandatory trips to preventive examinations to the dentist. This often leads to fairly unpleasant consequences and even to the loss of one or more teeth. For what reason should go to the dentist urgently?

If you have lost your tooth

When the loss of one or more teeth, you should not delay with their resolution. In modern dental clinics as SmileDent, you can always make teeth implantation or restoration when prosthetics prosthetics help you. Only timely implantation will help you preserve the health of the oral cavity and the body as a whole and the aesthetics of your smile.

If you feel discomfort

If when eating and consuming cold and hot drinks you feel discomfort in one or more teeth, it’s time to plan a trip to the dentist. Such uncomfortable sensations can be the first bells of the progressive carious process. At the same time, caries is so insidious that it may not be noticeably naked gaze for a long time, up to the destruction of the tooth completely.

If you notice a hole in your tooth

If the hole in the tooth has become visible even to you, this means that you should immediately go to the dentist. Such a neglected process of tooth destruction can cause infection and neighboring teeth, which can lead to the loss of a tooth or teeth. Only timely treatment will help you keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

If you feel acute or dull pain in the tooth

In case of any pain, you should not grab anesthetic pills and hope that the pain itself will pass. Temporary improvement of pain in the teeth is only postponing the solution to the problem for later. Pain is a testimony of problems that need to be solved without removing pain, but when treating.