Registration of a child in a private kindergarten

Due to the fact that recently there has been a stabilization of the demographic situation in the country, the demand for places in preschool institutions is actively growing. Along with the opening of new state kindergartens, new. The advantage of private preschool institutions is that in the groups there is an individual approach to each child, in addition, an individual lesson program can be compiled.

So, the design of a child in a private kindergarten begins with the choice of a preschool institution. It is important to take into account his proximity to the house, individual advantages, payment form and a number of other important criteria. Immediately after choosing a preschool institution, a meeting is held between the head of the private institution and parents of the child. During this meeting, all the circumstances that led parents to the choice of a private preschool institution are clarified. After coordinating the possibility of building a child in a private institution, a medical examination is prescribed, on which, inter alia, child psychology is also checked, on its basis doctors conclude that a child can visit a preschool.

If the decision of doctors is positive, a contract is concluded between parents and kindergarten, on the basis of which a private institution accepts the education and education of the child for a fixed amount. The contract contains a lot of important details, so parents need to carefully study them. The contract shall indicate the details of the parties, the form and amount of payment, the term of validity of the contract and excluding the provisions. In this case, parents must remember that the signing of the contract imposes certain duties and rights to them. At any time, you can change the terms of the contract, terminate it or transfer the child to a state preschool institution.