Relations between a man and a woman

Perhaps a difficult category of relationships is the relationship between a man and a woman. If other types of relationships are at least some logic and explanation, then everything is much more complicated here. A person, regardless of belonging to the floor, from the very creation of the world, was looking for a couple. This, it would seem, is nothing reprehensible.

However, the problem begins precisely when we find a pair. Each person is not ideal, but for some reason, everyone tries to see the ideal in another and sometimes puts all the effort to change his loved one and subjugate his rules. The main mistake is that we are trying to fix, and not accept a person as he is by nature. And now numerous feminine gives sensible and useful tips on how to correctly develop relationships and answers all frequently asked questions about relationships.

And now, after titanic efforts, many discover that either remained at the broken trough, or a person whose will be subordinated is uninteresting. There is a reason, is it really necessary to change someone for yourself, because the result is known to everyone. Perhaps it is necessary to change the tactics of behavior. Indeed, in relations, the most important thing is mutual understanding, mutual respect and the ability to compromise.

If we all respect another person, as an individual, understand the motives that encourage a particular action, perhaps then we can talk about such a concept as love. Moreover, all this should be mutually, and not unilaterally. So the conclusion suggests itself, to begin to love, to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of a person, to respect another, it is necessary, first of all, from yourself.

Accept yourself as you are and do not project your fears, your self -realization on others and everything will go as it should.