Relations of the daughter -in -law and mother -in -law

Could the question of whether or not the peaceful coexistence of such opposites as daughter-in-law and mother-in-law may ever lose its relevance. Naturally, not, because life is so arranged that in family relationships this topic will never be closed.

The difficulties of the beginning of a new marital life for a young couple often increase and because of the tense and very complex relationships of his wife with mother-in-law.

Especially this tension is felt in a relationship, in the absence of the newlyweds of their own corner, and living together with her husband’s parents.

First of all, this is manifested in the fact that the daughter -in -law supposedly spends too much money and not at all what is required for a young family. For example, you want to purchase a new dress and at the same time know that if you use discounts in Lamoda, you can buy a wonderful thing at a very reasonable price. But prove the mother -in -law, and most importantly, the benefit of such a purchase can be very, very difficult. Try to make efforts and show her how profitable discounts in Lamoda are and that even she can buy clothes there at a very favorable price.

After all, every young mistress wants to show his independence, convey to everyone that even without other people’s advice, she can do everything right. And mother -in -law basically want to affirm everyone in the thought that they are more experienced in life and therefore their word is unshakable for everyone, including a new cell of society.

Very often a young wife wants to show her own character, taking the initiative in her hands. After all, the young people want independence, something of their own, new, personally created by them. And the mother -in -law usually all the time seems that the daughter -in -law does everything very badly, and the advice that will give the mother -in -law will really help in the life of the young. And this is a mistake. Let the children themselves build their nest, there will be mistakes, but they study on them.