Rest in Latvia: walks in medieval Riga

Many Russians prefer to relax in the countries of the near abroad, for example, in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Estonia and others, since it is believed that the prices there are slightly lower than in the resorts of Italy, Greece or Spain. This is true, and at the same time in these countries there are also excellent conditions for organizing almost all types of tourism, for example, in Kyrgyzstan a beach vacation is popular on the shores of the pure Lake Issyk-Kul, and in Kazakhstan there are excellent mountain routes for lovers of extreme tourism. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have unique monuments of history and culture that can introduce tourists to European culture and traditions.

Traveling to Latvia

If you decide to go to Latvia, you can buy tickets from St. Petersburg at the most acceptable prices, since from the Northern capital you can get to Riga by bus or train, as well as make a flight from the airports of Moscow or St. Petersburg. The most optimal option is a train trip, where travel time is approximately 15 hours. There are no problems with the placement of tourists in Latvia, since many Riga hotels offer comfortable accommodation at quite affordable and pleasant prices even for the most demanding tourists. It is best to stop closer to the historical center of the city in order to immediately go on excursions in the main attraiting places.

The main attractions of Riga

The most important attractions of the capital of Latvia are in the city center, in the area called old Riga and where the medieval flavor of the city is a little felt. In Riga, it is necessary to visit an ethnographic museum, which is an open -air museum, where you can see buildings from many regions of the country, for example, rural houses, churches, mills, etc. D.

Also in Riga it is worth visiting the Elgavsky Palace, built in the 18th century by the famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli and is the largest palace of the Baltic. There are many interesting museums, galleries, large shopping centers in Riga where you can buy European quality things at optimal prices.

If you value informative rest and shopping, then in Riga you will find a lot of interesting and useful. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful city, and you will plunge into an attractive Baltic atmosphere.