Running path for weight loss

The desire to lose weight is the most common reason why a treadmill is bought. Running path for home is a great way to put the figure in order. But not everyone knows how to use it correctly to get the best result, and which is right for you?

This type of simulators as a treadmill, in addition to weight loss, brings positive results to the muscle tone of various muscle groups. But first of all, we are interested in specifically weight loss. Here are a few general rules to achieve the best result:

1. A universal technique that suits everyone simply cannot exist. There are a lot of individual parameters from which the technique should make up, it is growth, weight, metabolism, desired result, chronic diseases, endurance and training. Very often you can find “advice of specialists”: the recommended angle of inclination, duration of training, running speed.

2. In an ideal situation, physical activity, which implies an increase in the load on the heart muscle, rapid breathing, and lasting for a long time should lead to the burning of calories. A person moves – energy is consumed. This is how almost any cardiotranster works.

3. Great efficiency from training can be obtained by combining different types of loads, not limited to universal running.

Now let’s move on to specific recommendations:

First you need to decide on the effective pulse zone (this is the norm in which the maximum number of calories will be burned without harm to health). It is not difficult to calculate it, this value comes from the maximum pulse for age. It is necessary to subtract the number of years of age from 220. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that intense loads are not recommended for persons under 20 years of age.

After you calculated the maximum pulse, we proceed to the determination of the effective zone, it ranges from 65-85% of the maximum. It is better not to go beyond this zone: below is a very small training effect, above – there is a risk of high load. It is in this zone that your pulse should hold on to most of the lesson. Do not try to lose weight from the first training, do not overstrain, it is best to increase time and pace over time. If your training is aimed at weight loss, they should be long enough, you will not be able to lose weight paying attention to training 10 minutes a day. The duration of the loads in the fight plays a key role. The minimum time for training is 40 minutes, and preferably 1 hour, even if it is walking.

Calorie burning over this time ranges from 300-700. Be sure to follow the basics of the right run, you always need to start with a warm -up, choose for yourself three days a week, when you will do. Practice various running techniques from regular monotonous, to interval, with acceleration and slowdown. These are the most important rules for effective training, do not forget to follow your well -being and possible contraindications, then the result will depend on your desire to lose weight, willpower and perseverance.