Selling fashionable clothes in a small city is real

It would seem, working in the field of trade in a modern metropolis, it is much more difficult to match the expectations of buyers than in a small settlement (in this case, “work” means conducting their own business, and not just standing at the checkout).

People earn more, the social level is higher, they are ready to spend more money not only on essential items, but simply on “all sorts of fashionable things”. But at the same time they are more demanding-after all, the level of competition is also higher, if something does not like in one store, you can easily go to another. And in the best case-just go, silently, and they can also tell all friends, they say, was/was there and there, just a nightmare, there is absolutely no choice. And it is quite difficult to work in such conditions – you need to maintain a high level of service, and the assortment, and prices are not particularly incapable.

And in the suburbs? There are practically no competition, the requirements from buyers are significantly lower, it would seem – open the store and trade for pleasure. And many do so. But … people come in, walk between hangers, looking, sometimes even try on something and leave. Why? You ask the buyer directly – having gazed, answers “expensive”. But it’s impossible to do cheaper-the price tag is set, based on the purchase price … Close or you can do something?

All that is needed is to revise the approach to the choice of suppliers. In fact, you can always find options – there are clothing at wholesale prices for, for example, and prices are clearly lower than any “local” supplier of even regional significance. “The farther from my store, the more expensive the purchase will cost” – most sellers are sincerely confident in the justice of this thesis. Therefore, working in a small city or even in any large village (in fact, “boutiques”, albeit a slightly different level, can be found there), they usually look for suppliers in regional centers. And here is the main mistake – even those who seem to have experience in trading and who are defeating in the specifics of the supply of clothing stores, people constantly forget that regional centers are also purchased in the capital’s warehouses. There are, of course, exceptions – in areas that directly border on foreign states, they often take the goods directly across the border, but in the center of the country they are usually purchased in Moscow itself – the bulk of wholesale warehouses are concentrated there.

But there is an opportunity to buy and directly-in the case of the aforementioned 2-Buy. The minimum purchase amount to receive a wholesale discount is only 20 thousand. rubles, and this is far from the only organization working with small -optical buyers. So, even in the district center, branded clothing can be sold inexpensively-so much as to satisfy consumer demand in full (that is, so that buyers come not only to see, but to buy something), but also have a certain margin for themselves, which will allow you to live pretty well.